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It is truly interesting how Bequia can change overnight from green to parched brown, from too much grass to loose, straying animals devouring what their owners did not plant.

I woke up this morning to the sound of my hedge being attacked.  The same goat, I had spoken to the owner about, only two days earlier, accompanied by its tag-along friend!  I could have chosen to start my day on an angry note but the world is too full of wars where those in the wrong believe they are right, while those in the right, well, respond by doing or saying something wrong–and two wrongs “don’t make one right”–pun intended.

The sunshine overtook the semblance of a cloud, and that was it!  It was somehow saying to me, “Smile–don’t frown!” And that’s what I did.  I had some leftover macaroni sitting in the fridge for a day or two.  Rather than waste good food I whipped up a recipe that, when finished baking, had me playing the role of Judge, Presenter, and Audience in my mental “Chopped” episode.  The taste was unbelievable.  Even my husband, who is not a fan of macaroni, agreed that my Sunbaked Macaroni Veggie Pie was fantastic.

As usual, I will only tell you the ingredients I used, and not the measurements. It is your dish so you measure to your taste and should feel free to add or subtract ingredients for your trial run.

Leftover macaroni, frozen mixed vegetables, coconut oil, Worcestershire Sauce, salt, black pepper, garlic, onions, eggs, corn starch, grated ginger, evaporated milk.  I am finishing this article I hand-drafted last week so I’m hoping I haven’t left out anything.  Although I did not use any wine in the recipe it reminded me of one of those dishes where you put in some wine to “up” the taste; or like Emeril who likes to “kick it up a notch–Bam!”

I put this baby out in the Global Sun Oven and the rest is history.  I plated and ate but neglected to take pictures of that, but the leftovers in the pot are pictured below.

With still so much sunshine wasting out on the deck I tried a completely new desert.  Sunbaked Cupcakes.  The ingredients:  molasses, sugar, grated coconut, butter, lime peel, baking powder, eggs, flour, Angostura Bitters. (Talking about lime peel, a few months ago when my tree had an abundance of limes I grated the skins from quite a number of them while I sat watching television, and froze them in a ziplock bag.  So now that comes in quite handy).

I only have one baking tray for cupcakes.  I can’t imagine where my old set disappeared to.  So into the sun oven I popped them, and forgot about them.  The nice thing about baking in a sun oven is that there’s no danger of burning food or smoking equipment.  Things might dry out but they won’t burn like in a conventional oven.  They were edible; not ruined, but had I removed them a bit earlier they would have been moist as cupcakes should be. 

I put in a second batch to bake and I leave you today with pictures of my day’s cooking adventure.








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