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September 2012 brought some hot, still days to the island.  The sea was so calm.  The tranquil blue gave an appearance of oil on the water.  It was the kind of  month that antiperspirant manufacturers could be glad they got into business.  I didn’t have to do anything to work out a sweat.  Just keep breathing and it poured down my forehead.

The sun took advantage of the cloudless sky.  And I took advantage of the sunshine.  That’s only fair.  Sun goes with the word “oven”.  They just work well together.  So tossing a few ingredients together I baked two lovely pumpkin puddings on my sun deck using pure sunshine and two Global Sun Ovens.

Here’s what I used, but you can add many more ingredients to make a more interesting and tasty pudding:

Grated pumpkin (from my own garden)

Grated coconut (done in blender )


Unsalted butter

Grated nutmeg

Ground cinnamon

Angostura Bitters

Baking Powder



It was truly a September to remember.  I captured the memories to share with you.

Blue water like Oil


Sunbaked Pumpkin Pudding


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Many people are allergic to foods with yeast.   It is hard at first to get accustomed to breakfast without bread.  Try substituting with oatmeal squares.   They are filling and nutritious.  Since the sun might not be up in all its brilliance at the time you are ready to prepare breakfast, you can bake the squares the day before.  I like pouring on some honey just before eating.

As usual, here are the ingredients I use.  You may add or subtract to your taste. Please note that the finished product must be cooled before cutting into squares or you might end up with scrambled oats!


2 eggs


Ground nutmeg

Ground cinnamon


Grated lime peel

Angostura Bitters


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