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You’ve heard it before. Actually, let me say it aloud for you–you’ve done it yourself.  “I’m not into any gift buying this year.  Well…only one or two for the neighbour’s kid and my friend’s kids who come to the office.”

But just before Christmas eve you start to feel guilty and begin the mad scramble to find a suitable gift for this person who had been so helpful to you earlier this year.  And then another face pops into your head, then another, and another.  By now your giftless Christmas has become a frenzied search among the store leftovers of stuff you would never buy on a normal day.  Overpriced baskets of bubble bath and scrub pads. Giant scented candles.  Ill-scented perfumes that sit on the dresser like paperweights.  Clothes you have no clue whether they will fit or suit their taste.

I came across this blog on funny and useful Christmas gifts under $20 and found the mug that said “I dreamed my whole house was clean”.   If someone gave me such a gift I would treasure it and give it a prominent place in my living room.

But seriously now, since it can be quite a headache trying to figure out what to give individually to mutual friends, one helpful suggestion would be to consider an unusual yet useful gift that can be owned and shared by all.  Tada!  A Global Sun Oven is uncommon in these parts. The GSO is owned by only a discerning few in St. Vincent and the Grenadines since its introduction in 2010.  It never ceases to amaze those who see it in operation, and further impress all who eat whatever is prepared in it.

How many friends lime at the beach together at a church event or an outdoor birthday bash?  How many times can Mom wish for a day away from the kitchen before you realize that cooking on pure sunshine is not fantasy?  If you never thought of it I think it makes a lot of sense to pool finances and make a group purchase.  The price of one of these ovens has not changed from the bargain of EC$850.  which includes 2 non-stick baking pans and one enamel cooking pot.  Solar products have an initial higher than usual cost but in the long run pay for themselves because the sun is free.  Take a look at the older blog entries below to see some of the finger-licking stuff you can cook with a GSO.

Also go to the Caribbean Neighbours website to learn a lot more about renewable energy:

Here are a few videos with Paul Munsen from Sun Ovens International:

Solar Cooking Essentials:


Television Interview:


Emergency Preparedness:


Dehydrating and drying food in GSO:


Hope you are convinced by now.  Do have an enjoyable Christmas.


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