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Aha!  Gotcha!  Sunbaked breasts?  Visions of bikini-clad females on a treeless beach?

Wrong.  Chicken breasts sitting in tomato sauce with chopped onions, garlic, cucumber, oregano, thyme. Now you got it right!

Some curry, salt, black pepper, a little Braggs raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon of sugar, a teaspoon of virgin coconut oil, and just a tiny piece of fresh rosemary helped to smother the white skinned flesh like heavy sunblock.

Lastly, a green flavour pepper picked right out of my kitchen “garden” was placed right on top like an out-of-place button.

It baked in a glass dish in one sun oven, while by its side in another oven some cut green plantains in their skins sat in a little bit of water, salt and a sprinkle of coconut oil.

The taste was incredible.  I enjoyed my own cooking.  I had to take some pics.




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Vincies love their Roast Breadfruit and Boulejoule. Period.

So when my husband dropped in to do one of his Hello-Bye-Bye-See-Yous I excitedly took him by the hand and brought him on the sundeck to show him my latest “sunventure”.

It was too good a day to waste the sunshine so I washed a whole breadfruit and rubbed some oil on the skin.  I placed it into an unheated sun oven and left it to do its thing.

It was 10:30 a.m. when the experiment began.  I’m glad breadfruit have no feelings.  With that heat I was curious to see the end result.  Roast breadfruit is normally done outdoors on burning wood with the breadfruit eventually coming out cooked on the inside but severely burnt and blackened on the outside.

I was supposed to keep watch in order to record the length of time it took the sun oven to produce a “roast” breadfruit but a friend dropped in to visit.  We had not seen each other for quite a while so in all the “ole talk” I completely forgot to check on my other friend in the oven.

Shortly after three, once more back on duty, I grabbed my pot holder and went after my Vincentian delicacy.  What a beautiful sight to behold.  It had turned from green to roasted brown.  Just a few minutes later my husband arrived and I proudly showed him my “sun roasted” breadfruit.  But he disagreed with my description.  He preferred to call it “sunbaked” because it lacked its burnt blackened skin.  Okay, whatever!

The point is that it is possible to have sunbaked/sun roasted breadfruit if you own a sun oven, without all the smoke, fire and tears.  I failed to plan for the boulejoule this time but there will be other times.

Breadfruit in Sun Oven

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It’s rainy today.  I’m often asked by prospective buyers of the Sun Oven what would happen if your sunny day turns out to be rainy when you had great plans for solar cooking.

It’s a valid concern.  I don’t think they are trying to rain on my parade of energy saving. They genuinely want to know the backup plan for not putting all their eggs in one basket before buying the basket (in that case the solar box).  The solution is saving for a rainy day.  When there’s an abundance of sunshine I recommend that you cook and freeze.

I love cooking Channa.  Not only is it healthy but I love to snack on it.  Soak it ahead of time then stick into the sun oven until tender.  Add salt and other seasonings.  Use some and freeze some for that rainy day.  Same goes for Red Beans or Black Beans.  Take your pick.  There are so many choices.  Bake and freeze your meat or chicken.  Rice, potatoes, breadfruit, dasheen.  Think creatively.  What can you prepare in advance and serve with a bit of salad or canned tuna or salmon, or cheese.  I think vegetarians have an advantage here.  Life is simple.

I cannot guarantee that you will get by solely on a solar oven because the sun only shines by day, and there are those rainy days.  But with a bit of planning you can be energy smart and efficient.

Channa also known as Chick Peas

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Here’s my Sun Oven® experience with Chicken Breasts. I’m simply listing the ingredients I use and challenge you to use them to see what you will turn out.


3 chicken breasts (with or without bone attached)



Black pepper

Flavour peppers



Roasted geera (ground cumin seeds)

Amchar massala (coriander, fennel, mustard, cumin, fenugreek)

Olive oil


Sweet pepper


Ketchup or tomato sauce (remember to eat healthy—check out the ingredients and avoid preservatives)


Apple cider vinegar (personally I like White House)



I love the idea of slow cooking. I just mixed the whole lot, put it in the roaster/pot (covered) and placed it in the Sun Oven® at 12:15.  At 3:15 I uncovered it and allowed it to get a bit of colour.  It is amazing how much sauce it produces on its own.  No water added.

Caution:  When removing food from the Sun Oven® remember to use mittens or a towel.  You might forget that the pot is hot, just because you are not seeing any flame.  And I would recommend wearing sunglasses if the sun is extra hot, to protect your eyes from the bright light.

Bon appétit!


Sometimes when using a flat (shallow) pan to cook chicken or something that produces liquid I find it a little awkward to remove the pan without spilling the liquid inside of the Sun Oven®.  I work around this by pushing back the Levelator with one hand while removing pan with the other.

Another tip I would like to share with you is how to reduce the sun oven “smell” that you sometimes get after using your oven for a while.  Just as with your refrigerator, after cleaning the inside with a lightly damp cloth, you might need to leave an opened box of baking soda inside your Sun Oven® to freshen it up.  I would also suggest that you do not latch back the oven door when you are storing it away.  I leave a soft padding under the edge of the glass, by the rubber door handle, to allow air to enter the oven.

If the reflectors and the glass are not kept clean, the oven will not reach the desired temperature. Using a non-abrasive glass cleaning solution, like

Windex, will keep them clean. So it is a good practice to keep a bottle on hand.  I don’t have to clean them every day though.

Sometimes I find the glass gets very cloudy while cooking.  I quickly wipe off the condensation with a soft dry towel.

Just remember—your Sun Oven® is like your best friend.  You get to know it the more you spend time with it.

Oh! By the way, knowledge is better shared than kept.  Share the joys of cooking with the Global Sun Oven® with your friends and family.  Better yet, make them a gift of a Global Sun Oven®.

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